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"Bush's War" - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 24th, 2008

06:42 pm - "Bush's War"

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For a non-political person, I've sure been steeping myself in politics lately. I just saw a two-part series on PBS (no, we don't have TV... we watched it on our computer!) It was a Frontline program called "Bush's War". I HIGHLY recommend it! Steve has been following the war closely all these years, but I have kept my distance. (Not interested in war. Don't believe in it.) But, this program gave a several hour account of the whole thing (up until now, of course...it's far from over), and if you are ignorant of all the people and events that led up to the war and how it all played out, this is a good way to get yourself informed. You can pull up PBS online, and find the Frontline program quite easily. Settle down with a cup of tea or coffee, and get ready for a wild ride! It's absolutely rivoting!