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Taking Control of My Thoughts - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 4th, 2008

06:42 am - Taking Control of My Thoughts

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The wind is howling outside this morning as I sit at the computer, snug in my house, thinking about my new year's goals. Actually, there is only one goal: attending to my health. And it's all-important, because EVERYTHING I DO is related to my health. My body is a very accurate barometer of what is going on with my whole being. This is something I've learned from the law of attraction. This morning I am contemplating the idea that: There is nothing more important than that I feel good. Sounds very self-centered. But, it's not, really. If everyone in the world felt good all the time, we'd live in paradise. And each of us has to start with ourselves. So, here is where we ALL need to start. We need to remember the following ideas all day, every day: Thoughts create feelings. (In the beginning was the word.) These feelings create our physical and psychological health. My thoughts about what I perceive to be happening "out there" are always followed by a feeling, though sometimes barely noticable. And that feeling makes certain things happen in my body that I am usually not consciously aware of. Say the cat is scratching at the door, and I choose to perceive that as an annoyance. ("She always does that! She's such a pest! I wish she'd accept the fact that I'm not going to let her in!") The thoughts that accompany my perception are usually below my level of awareness, but if I pay attention I'll become aware of them. Those thoughts cause me to feel annoyed which sends adrenaline coursing, maybe only ever-so-slightly, through my body. I hold my breath. My muscles tense up. I have just "stored" that thought in my body. All day long I do this. I think a thought. I have a cooresponding feeling. The feeling causes my body to tighen up or relax, depending on the feeling. And all this usually happens without my conscious awareness. At the end of the day I may have a stiff neck or a stomach ache, and I wonder where it came from. On the other hand, if I hear the cat scratching at the door and I think, "How cute that is! There's my sweet kitty! She wants to be with me. I like that." Those thoughts are then followed by warm feelings. My body will then be filled with endorphins that relax me and cause my organs to function properly and the blood to go everywhere it's supposed to in just the right amounts. If, all day, I perceive everything as good, at the end of the day my body will feel free and comfortable. The trick is taking control of my thoughts, which takes constant awareness. If that was my only new year's goal, and I could accomplish it, I'd be an ascended master. It's SO HUGE. There are many little daily practises and habits that I can incorporate into my life today, right now, that will lead me toward that goal. And that is what I intend to do in 2008.