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Me at Three - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 22nd, 2008

05:12 pm - Me at Three

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This is the little girl, who later predicted she would marry a farmer and have a lot of kids. Let me tell you about her. She reportedly was known for extending cheery "hi"s to every passer-by. She had a dreamy nature. She wandered freely about her neighborhood without fear. In fact, one day when I was not much more than a toddler, my mother, concerned when she couldn't find me, got a phone call from a neighbor three blocks over who said I was sitting in her living room chatting away. I had come to "visit" her. I changed my name frequently as a child, and at this age I was known by my best friend as "Cookie" ... I guess that was the best word I could think of at age 3. I was rarely seen without a doll in my arms. I tagged around after my big brother as much as he'd let me. I loved assisting him in his endlessly fascinating projects. (At this age, it was mainly puppet shows and plays in the backyard.) I spent the majority of my days outdoors. In fact, if I was indoors at all, it was probably because I had to take a nap. We didn't have tv in those days, so there wasn't much of interest going on inside. Note the sprinkling of freckles across my nose. I was an outdoor kid long before sunscreen. Weren't we all?