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In Honor of His Birth - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 30th, 2008

02:07 pm - In Honor of His Birth

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My father was born at home in rural Montana during a snowstorm. For some reason, they didn't even know what day it was, as there has always some confusion about his birth date. He used to say, "It was somewhere between Jan. 28 and Jan. 31." So we always celebrated on the 31st. Then, later in life he started celebrating on the 28th. At any rate, in honor of his birth, whatever day it was, I am posting one of my most-prized pictures of him. He was in the airforce in WWII, and this picture was taken in one of his favorite planes. His main job in the war was flying back and forth across the Atlantic with supplies. He truly adored flying! Here is the picture of what Ely calls his "swashbuckling grandfather": Robert Grayling Pike.