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No Term Limits - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 15th, 2008

07:12 am - No Term Limits

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Last night I read a poem at the Thursday Night Songwriting, Poetry and Rhythm Club held at the Water Canyon Coffee House. Steve created this club about four years ago, and it's still going strong. Sometimes I sing with him there. Only rarely do I read anything. But, I was inspired to write this poem after last week's "Super Tuesday" primary elections for California. The poem is heavily borrowed from one of my recent posts:

No Term Limits

Now that I’ve done my duty
And voted at the polls
I once again turn my attention
To matters at hand
Like my life
My everyday life is at hand

That so-called political life
Out there, somewhere
That is said to have influence over me
Well, for me that life is not at hand
For me it is really quite remote
It’s a story I hear about
A drama I watch on a screen
Like a movie
And it’s always a tiresome story
Of bad news and strife
A rumor of endless trouble
That I haven’t seen with my own eyes
Nor participated in
And yet, I’m asked to vote
For someone to clean up all this mess
That someone else created
Behind my back
And when I vote
It’s just my two cents
My two cents toward something
I don’t fully understand
Because I’m not there
It’s a game we play
With ourselves, and others
Pretending that we have Power and Influence
Over matters we don’t fully understand
It’s so tiresome to try to understand
Something that is beyond my understanding
To pretend that I like or prefer
One candidate over another
When I don’t know them
Never met them face to face
Never had a heart-to-heart
And they sure don’t know me
Or what I like or want
Or find intolerable
Would they even like me?
So why would I pick them
To represent me?
The bottom line:
I wouldn’t pick any of them,
Virtual strangers,
To be the boss of my life

So, who is the boss of my life?
It’s me
And my life is not tiresome
Because I am my own boss
And I don’t have to rely
On some stranger voting me in
To get what I want in life
I get to choose
My life is full of endless
Minute-by-minute choices…
That when chosen, come to pass
I get to choose who I spend time with
I get to choose what I do each day
I even get to choose my attitude
About who I’m with
And what I do each day
And that is not tiresome
That is exhilarating!
I get to chose, and even create,
My own causes
I get to influence those around me
By living what I see as an exemplary life
And by speaking the truth, as I know it
I get to write, speak, live and smooze my truth
For real people
Who I can see and touch
Every day of my life
And the fact is:
That is where my true public power lies
Not in my vote
And that is where my real happiness
Springs from
Not in who is elected

SO, from this day forth
I elect MYSELF as my representative
And no one can vote me out!
I hearby announce MYSELF
As president of my life
With no term limits