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Temptation to React - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 25th, 2008

08:39 am - Temptation to React

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Whenever there is drama, there is an opportunity for healing. So, although I try to avoid creating drama in my own life, I see drama all around me every day. I've found that these scenes provide a wonderful opportunity to pray; to reconnect with God. There is a tendency in us all to go, "Oh my God!", and get all worked up, when someone tells us a sad, scary, or outrageous story about something that has happened. I try to catch myself in the act of reacting, and instead start praying for a healing. (In the book ZERO LIMITS the author calls that "cleaning".) It requires that you let go of the very human desire to take in, and react to, drama. It's kind of fun to look "out there" and see bad things happening and then get mad. I do it all the time. There's an adrenaline rush that feels kind of good for a moment. But, from the point of view of the law of attraction, it is much more helpful to those who are experiencing drama to instantly start praying and reconnecting with God on their behalf. If I, instead, "get into" the offense, whatever it is, the law of attraction says I am inviting more of the same. I'm saying, in effect, "More of this, please." Not a good idea if I truly want to be of help. It is difficult to break the habit of helping to perpetuate negativity. There's definitely a "kick" to getting excited about bad things "out there", and I've done my fair share of doing just that on these posts. My goal, though, is to spend more and more time resting in the assurance that God is good, that God is in charge of ALL of this, and that turning to this Higher Power is the best way to respond to my temptations to react.