"Anne (with an 'e') of Green Gables"

There is perhaps no other book that has affected my life more than ANNE OF GREEN GABLES.  I've probably read it ten times over my lifetime. I began reading it at about age 9 and read it last when I turned 71, a few days ago. It's as good today as it was 62 years ago. It was written over 100 years ago, and I really wonder whether children today would relate to it. It is blatantly "old-fashioned". I find the language in the book to be thrilling (as Anne would say about many things), and it awakens in me my romantic self and my ability to see the beauty around me like nothing else. My mom and I bonded over this book as we read it aloud to each other. I read it to my boys. But, mostly, I read it to myself, over and over, as a child. The author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, must have been something like Anne or I don't think she could have written such a book. It's a masterpiece. The language is so stimulating and advanced that I believe children will be smarter after reading it. A lot of modern kid books seem "dumbed down" to me, catering to kids who don't have a large vocabulary. After reading this book (like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE) you feel smarter... like your mind and heart got stretched. Like your perceptions got expanded. Like there's way more to life than meets the eye and now you see it. All we have to do is look from a fresh new angle, and the world is more magnificent. "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change." (One of my favorite quotes from I-don't-know-where.) This book is like a hallucinagenic drug... it blows your mind!

I don't care much for the movie versions of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. In my opinion, it is vital to keep ALL the dialog from the book intact, because it's all important. But, the movie had to cut most of it out, keeping a limited number of gems, so the movie just can't compare to the book. Plus, they can never get Anne right. Again, the movie versions of Anne all PALE next to the book version. The original Anne is just so much MORE. So, don't show your kids the movie. Just read the book. Don't feed your kids pablem. Feed them real food.

It's been a long time....

Apparently, my last entry was July 3rd 2017! Two years ago. And before that, I posted shortly after Trump's election in December of 2016. The thing that stands out from that post is that all my fears about him ARE COMING TRUE! It's depressing. I was hoping against hope that I'd be wrong.
I intend to spend the rest of my blogging time this year NOT writing about politics, but about positive happenings in my life. My health and happiness depend on it. But, I'm back!

Ben Goes to Medical School!

Ben and Rebeca are now married, and they have moved to Grenada so that Ben can go to medical school. Big, big changes! Here he is, at a "White Coat Ceremony". He already looks like a doctor, doesn't he?


Nathen Passed His Test!

He's been studying for weeks, and he finally took the big test. He passed! He is officially a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor in the state of California. He can hang out his shingle now and get to work helping people. That is one of the things he is really good at. Congratulations, Nathen! We're proud of you!!


Why I Haven't Been Posting

It has been two months since I last posted. The new Trump presidency has really got me down. The fact that my country elected the most offensive, the most frightening, person to be our president is just incomprehensible to me. I will never consider him my leader. Never. I will be watching with bated breath over the next 4 years, as I carry on with my life in as conscientious a manner as I can muster. And I will not ignore red flags when I see them. I will call them out. I'm  worried about atrocities. I'm worried about cruelty. I'm worried about the destruction of our precious earth. I'm worried about things getting out of hand and nobody being able to stop it.  I'm worried about white supremecy. (I'm seeing an uptick of white supremecy in the desert here. Friends of mine, with darker skin, while minding their own business, have been confronted and threatened by white guys since the election. In one case, the group of guys mentioned Trump. I'm horrified.)

It's hard not to be depressed about the future. My children's future. My grandchildren's future.

What IS heartening is that I have excellent sons, married to excellent women, and I know that they will do everything to keep themselves and their families safe from harm. They are smart and aware and will make good decisions about what to do. I think our family will be OK. It's others that I worry about. People I don't know will be treated unfairly. There are money grabbers everywhere just trying to make a fortune off our beautiful earth, at its expense. We, the people, will suffer for it. I'm for protecting the little guy. I'm for protecting the earth and our environment.

I will continue to do the things that I think are important..... helping families to be strong and healthy. That's something I can do. And I will have my eyes and ears wide open, ready to stand up to evil. I will not be quiet.