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Another Reason I Keep Losing Interest in Politics - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 8th, 2008

07:40 pm - Another Reason I Keep Losing Interest in Politics

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Ok, so I've decided who I'm voting for for President, and I do not plan on watching another debate. Here's why: Both of the candidates are saying things like, "My opponant voted (x number of times) in the Senate to oppose the (fill in the blank) bill." Now unless I was there at the time, or was watching the discussion of the bill on CNN, I'm not going to know 1. if that's true and 2. WHY they opposed the bill. Maybe the basic bill that seemed so desirable had other agendas tacked on to them, or laced into them, that made the bill end up being undesirable. The time limits of the debate make it nearly impossible for either candidate to explain why they voted as they did, so the public is left wondering what happened and what to believe. The prospective voter is now confused (if they are truly trying to be open and to understand). My advice to the candidates: Stop talking about the past. Have a public discussion with each other about what you each plan to do, and just debate that. For example, "I plan to withdraw the troops within "X" number of months. And this is how I will do it..." "Really? Well how to do you plan to deal with "X" when "Y" happens?" "This is what I would do....." "I think that's a bad idea, and this is why.... and this is what I would do instead....." "This is what I think would happen if you did that... Now here are the facts..." "Where did you get those statistics? Quote your sources." "I believe that diplomacy is the best policy, and this is why..." "I don't. The last time we tried that, this happened..." "But, that was not diplomacy. Real diplomacy is when... " You get the idea. A real DISCUSSION. I would like to hear a discussion like that. Everyone has already heard all the speeches. We all know the platforms. All I want to hear now is a civil, respectful discussion. Kind of like the discussions that we have around our own dinner table at night... especially when our sons are home visiting. By the way, has anyone ever seen a REAL debate? I took debate in school (I was a terrible debater!), and what we're seeing is a far cry from that. But, since we are not going to see a real debate, I think I'm just ready to vote now and let the winner stop talking and get to work trying to fix the problems of this country. (And I will have to add GOOD LUCK!!!)