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Ron Thomason's Blog - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 16th, 2008

03:45 pm - Ron Thomason's Blog

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I am a huge fan of Ron Thomason, the bluegrass favorite at many of the festivals we attend. He has a great band, "Dry Branch Fire Squad", and he's a darn good mandolin player and singer in his own right. He is famous for his heartfelt gospel songs. But, what he's most known for are his long, hilarious monologues between songs. I have laughed so hard at some of his stories that I got a stomachache! Some of his stories are really just his poking fun at our political system, and despite the "dumb hillbilly" persona he embodies as an entertainer, his humor can be pretty sophisticated. In my mind, he's brilliant! Based on some of the things he says, I think he'd agree with Mark Twain when Twain says, "Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness." So many of the butts of Ron's jokes are people who have never left the "back woods" in their entire life and how little they know or care about other people in the world. Anyway, Ron has a blog that is just as long-winded as his monologues, if not more so. And, once again, I find it really enjoyable and funny and painfully true. (My Ben said to me just the other day that he prefers to get his politics from Saturday Night Live and the other humerous shows that tackle the difficult things going on in politics. I guess he would rather laugh than cry.)
Anyway, Ron spent a long section of his blog very seriously explaining his relationship to Christianity. I found that I couldn't have agreed with him more! I also have been reading the book THE IRRESISTIBLE REVOLUTION- Living as an Ordinary Radical. It seems that the author of this book, Shane Claiborne, has the same view on Chrisianity that Ron does... and me, it turns out. I relate to the label "radical". I'll never be able to call myself a Democrat or a Republican. But, a Radical I am. I'll write more about this book as soon as I'm finished with it. I'm only half done. But, I did read ALL of Thomason's blog, and I want to leave the link here in case anyone has the time and inclination to read through it. If you do, I urge you to pay special attention to his piece on Christianity. (It's near the end of "The Tenth Installment", but the entire piece is worth reading.) I could never have articulated my problems with "Christianity today" any better.