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Rant! - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 16th, 2008

07:09 pm - Rant!

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Uh oh! I feel a rant coming on!
I am so disappointed and EMBARRASSED when I hear people yelling on the news, "Bomb Obama!" and calling him a Muslim, and saying "I could never vote for a ni...."

(Long, confused pause..............)

Are these people from MY country? My fellow Americans? Is this 2008? Do people actually still talk like that? And even if Obama was a Muslim, which if we are paying attention, we know he is not, would that actually disqualify him from being a President of the United States? I thought we had a fine Constitution, brilliantly written, that guarantees all United States citizens the right of freedom of religion, or no religion, in this country. That's one of the things that makes us special. Those of us who identify ourselves as Christian should defend and protect, with every bone in our bodies, other American's right to be Muslims, Buddists, Atheists, or any other religion that we don't subscribed to, IN ORDER TO protect and defend our own right to practise and believe in Christianity. The blood of many an American was spilled in the early days of our country's founding in order for each one of us to have the freedom to think, speak and believe as we wish. There are huge chapters all throughout history when people did not have these freedoms... including now in certain parts of the world... punishable by death. Like these people who think that Obama is a Muslim, and to top it off, he's black, (and so he must be bad) yell for him to be killed. That's REALLY scary. Are these people trying to bring back times like the 1500s England when people could be killed for not comforming to the popular religion or political belief of that time? When one's race and where someone lived brought death to untold numbers of people? Wake up Americans! Read your history books! We must uphold our Constitution or lose the rights that our ancestors so dearly paid for.