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My Opinion- book review - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 20th, 2008

08:00 pm - My Opinion- book review

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Many times over the years I have surprised people by telling them I was not a Christian. Most folks tell me they assume I am, based on my behavior. And my response has become, "I have no trouble with Christianity. It's the Christians I don't like." (That's not entirely true. Many of the people I love and respect the most in ALL THE WORLD call themselves Christians. So obviously I do like some Christians very, very much.) I grew up thinking of myself as a Christian, but then someone told me I wasn't one because I didn't go to their church. If I didn't subscribe to this or that doctrine or I hadn't been "born again", I just didn't belong to that, now elite, group called Christians. But if I would just say or do this certain thing, then I'd be "in". So simple, yet so hard. I couldn't get past the "we're good, you're bad, we're going to heaven, you're going to hell" mentality. It flew in the face of all my understanding and how I was raised. So, when I came across this book THE IRRESISTABLE REVOLUTION by Shane Claiborne, and he began explaining what Christianity actually looks like when practised, I devoured it all, like a starving person. He explained many of the burning questions I had. He denounced the troubling aspects of the "Christianity" that I have resisted and found hypocritical all my life. But, most of all, he shared his life of radical conversion. And I do mean RADICAL. (Talk about "walking the walk"! You'll have to read for yourself to what lengths he goes in order to live as he believes Christ would today.) Anyway, I have been very touched and moved and enlightened by this book. So much so, that I ordered his next book, JESUS FOR PRESIDENT... an appropriate book for this time of intense political polarization of candidates, propositions and Parties and elections only two weeks away. I expect to thoroughly enjoy reading Claiborne's radical Christian point of view when it comes to politics. And, when I say "enjoy", I'm not talking about a laughing, pleasureful kind of feeling, but that squirming, uncomfortable kind of feeling when you know that what someone is doing is right, but you're not willing to do it yourself (like give away all your possessions). It's relieving to hear it, but it's also painful to acknowledge how far off the mark you are, (like how selfish and self-centered you are) professed Christian or not. I have now squirmed my way through the entire book (IRRESISTABLE REVOLUTION), and I'm ready to recommend it to anyone who is willing to get their comfortable understandings shaken up a bit by "witnessing" what I believe to be a true Christian in action.


Date:November 11th, 2008 11:57 pm (UTC)

Thanks for Recommendation

Darlene, thanks for the tip. I bought a copy of The Irresistible Revolution and Jesus for President this week after reading your blog. I can't put the first one down and can't wait to move on to the next one. It is a missing link for me as well...I always appreciate your candor.
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