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For Posterity - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 11th, 2008

05:53 am - For Posterity

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I've been feeling a little guilty (just a little) for all my religious and political rantings lately. I'm aware that a lot of people who read my blog on a regular basis do not necessarily agree with me. And I'm questioning: Am I offending everybody?
But, then I remember that this is MY blog, a public journal. Anyone who opens this live journal and reads it does so voluntarily, knowing that they are about to read my most inner musings and private struggles and often the intimate details of my history. It is my diary. I faithfully kept diaries as a child, and I kept them under lock and key because I understood them to be private. As an adult, I continued to write in notebooks, and though I didn't hide them, I just assumed other people would avoid reading them when they saw what they were. It was during that time that my dad introduced me to this idea: "One should never write anything down that they wouldn't be willing to have published on the front page of the New York Times." Wow! The idea was that, like gossip, one's writings could ultimately get in the hands of someone who could be hurt by it... that once it's written down, it couldn't be taken back, and it could be considered libelous. So, I've used my dad's commandment as a gauge for considering what I commit to paper, and it's a pretty good one. I like it. It basically is a way to make sure that no particular person's character or reputation (except possibly my own) is damaged by my writing.
When I decided to go public and keep a "live journal", I understood that I could invite anyone I wanted to read it. That was pretty exciting. But, what I didn't understand at first was that people could find my blog on their own quite easily just by googling certain words or phrases. I didn't like that very much. I wasn't sure I wanted "strangers", or people I didn't like, reading what I wrote. But, so far, it hasn't been a problem. I just have to remember my dad's warning, and I should be ok.
Ultimately, I remind myself, my journal is for posterity. I want to leave as much of myself behind as possible for my children and grandchildren. I would dearly love to read the diaries of my ancestors! How fascinating that would be and what treasures! So, to those of you who keep coming back to read my thoughts on a daily basis, I welcome you. I just want to remind you that this is written primarily with both my immediate family and my decendants in mind. I want them to know how I lived my life, what I really thought about things and what was important to me.