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Our "Wiggle Machine" - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 14th, 2008

08:06 am - Our "Wiggle Machine"

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My dad and I just bought a "passive exercise machine" called the Exerciser 2000 Elite, which we have nicknamed "the wiggle machine". (Google it to read more about it.) My former chiropractor had one, and I used to love to use it after my adjustments. When I saw it for sale in a magazine ad, I ordered it right away. Now, why would I want a PASSIVE exercise machine? It does sound silly, especially since I've been a faithful, longtime "active" exerciser. But, I find that it works very well in conjunction with my workouts. Here's what it does: You lie on the floor on your back and place your ankles in foot rests. Turn on the machine, and it gently swings you back and forth in a serpentine-like motion. It stimulates the entire body and helps loosen it up. That's a good thing for me, since I tend to carry a lot of extra tension in my body. This method of stimulation and healing was invented by the Chinese 200 years ago, with the health practitioner grabbing his patient's feet and swinging his legs back and forth by hand in order to stimulate both lymph and blood flow. Then they created a machine to do that same motion in the 1990s. So, now I own one! I thought it would help my dad's poor circulation, and he is more than willing to get on the machine a couple of times a day just for the physical stimulation. It's kind of like getting a massage. It feels good. I'll report any results I get from it here on my blog. I will know it works if my feet are warm when I go to bed at night this winter and my digestion improves (claims that are made by satisfied customers). I'm always looking for more ways to improve my health, and I'm happy with the prospect of yet another way to help myself and to do it at my convenience, in my own home, as often as I want to. Just another way to be "livin' the good life"!


Date:November 17th, 2008 08:43 pm (UTC)
Please keep us posted on this wiggle machine. Sounds like something I need. Have you ever tried organic apple cider vinegar for digestion? My mother was forever trying to get me to try some but I was never interested. Now I take just about 1 teaspoon twice a day in water and the issues I use to have just went away. I've been using it for a few years now.

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