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An Unusual Christmas Tree - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 3rd, 2008

07:11 pm - An Unusual Christmas Tree

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Not long ago, we started the unconventional tradition of going out to the nearby wash and searching for just the right sagebrush to use as a Christmas tree. You see, we don't have pine trees growing naturally here in the desert. If there's a pine tree, somebody planted it and it's growing in their yard! So, instead of paying 20 to 30 dollars for a cut Christmas tree that is shipped hundreds of miles to a local Christmas tree lot, it seems smarter and more sustainable to find something that grows naturally in our area... for free! I originally got the idea from our friend, Al. He had done the same thing, and after I had been admiring his tree one day, he offered to help me find one of my own. That was the beginning of a fun tradition. We save our tree from year to year and use it as decoration and soft lighting for our deck the rest of the year. When it gets too broken up, I go search for another one. I like it because I am not killing a tree just for a couple of weeks stay in our living room. That always bothered me. This "bush", that passes for a tree, is already dead, and, with some imagination, I can visualize it being brought to life again in our home with just a little bit of lovin'. I look for something with a nice shape and attractive coloring (the whiter the better), then I haul it home for us to decorate. It's surprisingly beautiful when Maya and I get done with it.

christmas tree