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Snow!! - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 17th, 2008

12:39 pm - Snow!!

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Yes, the desert is covered with "new-fallen snow"! We may still end up having a "Green Christmas", but today, December 17th, we're experiencing a winter wonderland. The desert is especially beautiful and unusual-looking in the snow. Large, fluffy flakes have been falling softly all morning, and they are piling up on the Joshua trees, the yuccas, and all the other spiney native plants that grow everywhere here. There is no wind, so the snow is falling straight down, causing our fence posts to be just tipped with snow. The wisteria still has it's leaves, so its snow-ladened branches are sagging heavily over our wooden deck. It's almost noon, and I'd estimate that there is about three inches of snow on the ground. It's supposed to continue to snow throughout the day and all night! What a treat for the eyes! Luckily, we don't need anything from town, so we are happy to hunker-down, and stoke up the fires, and read, write, cook, and maybe watch some "Little House on the Prairie" videos. Maya and Grandpa Bob and I enjoy those reruns from the mid-seventies. They are very wholesome, sweet, feel-good stories of pioneer life from the 1860s midwest. They provide great models for close families and positive family life. Sounds like the perfect thing to do while the snow falls outside, the fire burns inside, and yummy soup is cooking on the stove. Perhaps a cup hot chocolate to top it all off?
view from our bedroom picture window
snow in carport

view of our backyard and studio
snowy backyard

Note the snow-covered solar panels on the roof of the studio. We ain't makin' any electricity today! You can barely see the deck in the foreground, and up in the right corner is one of the sagging wisteria branches.