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Over the River and Through the Woods - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 20th, 2008

05:46 am - Over the River and Through the Woods

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Well, in our case, it's "over the mountains and down by the sea" as our children travel home for Christmas. Nathen flew into L.A. on Monday, but he has been unable to get up to the desert due to snow. The mountain passes have been closed. They are open now, so he will be coming up today. Yeah!! Gabe and his girlfriend, Maggie, left Eugene by car yesterday. It was snowing when they left. They couldn't go through those high, snowbound mountain passes on I-5, so they are taking the rainy coast route down into California. I've been praying the entire time that they have a safe and uneventful (other than fun) trip. We've been keeping in touch with them by cell phone -what did we ever do without cell phones??- and so far so good. Ely and his girlfriend, Christina, will be arriving from L.A. on Christmas Day.
Maya and I have been making meal plans together, but the subject of presents has been shrouded in secrecy this year. We've each been busily making gifts and slyly keeping our activities to ourselves. Kind of fun. We also rented "season one" of "Little House on the Prairie" as a nightly indulgence. No one but she and I and Grandpa Bob are sentimental enough to happily watch that series all the way through. Everyone else in the family thinks it's kind of cheesey... or just so far off from the books that it's painful to watch. But, I find that if I try not to remember the original story, and just see it as a completely new story, I love it! I'm such a hopeless romantic and idealist. Those stories were MADE for me... and apparently Maya and Grandpa Bob, as well.


Date:December 20th, 2008 05:05 pm (UTC)
I can't see my boys sitting through Little House either. My mom loved it though.
Sounds like you are having the same kind of day as me. McKay and Tyler are both flying in today also so I've also been praying a lot, too. :) Even though they are both coming from Provo they are on 2 different flights, arriving 4 hours apart. But oh what fun you and I will have once our kids arrive!
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Date:December 20th, 2008 10:18 pm (UTC)
You bet, Jill! I'll be thinking of you over these holidays, knowing you'll be enjoying your brood as much as I am!
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