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Not the Government's Job - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 23rd, 2009

09:32 pm - Not the Government's Job

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I'm sure that Obama lifted some conservative hackles today with his revisiting, and reversing, Bush's policies regarding abortion, and how our tax money is spent regarding that, on foreign soil. Of course, we all knew this was coming. He's a liberal, and he said he would. But, I was quite impressed with conservative Dr. Laura's response to this in her blog entry today (http://www.drlaurablog.com/). She basically is saying that you can't legislate morality, so let's not waste our time with this. She surprised me, her being a strong opponant of abortion and proponant for adoption. She says that we each need to do what we believe is right because it is our belief, not because it is a law in some government law book. Most of us get our beliefs, or creeds, from our religious training. We are held accountable by our churches, pastors, priests, rabbis, elders, our religious community, the Bible, and all the other religious books, and last but not least, our own consciences. The government is never going to agree, once and for all, about abortion. We have to teach, educate, inform, and generally get across to our young people how sacred and special and important sexuality is and how sacred, special, and important babies are. We have to stress AND MODEL the importance of strong marriages and strong families. That's all we have to do. None of this has anything to do with the government, in my opinion.
Now my conservative bent is going to make itself known. I think the government should only: maintain roads, libraries, schools, courts of justice, a police force, a military (for defense only), fire departments, offer basic health care for all, maintain parks, national parks, and museums. The government should NOT tell individuals how to live their lives. That's the job of churches and families. It scares me when I think that it might suddenly become illegal for me to homeschool my children, for instance; or, that a new ruling says I can't take nutritional supplements without a prescription; or, I can't use a midwife to give birth at home; or, that I can't practise my religious beliefs in peace. These would be intrusions into my personal life and my right to choose.
The government should have very little to say about what I do and the choices I make. That is not its job. The morality of the country needs to stem from families and churches who guide their members with great love and care and intention. So far, I've not seen great love and care coming from government, and I seriously doubt that any of us ever will.