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A Lifetime of Repairs - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 28th, 2009

05:44 pm - A Lifetime of Repairs

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Out of respect for the new Administration's serious and determined push toward this country "Going Green", and my own heartfelt wish to comply and to live a purer life in my own home, I have been gradually switching over to "green cleaning products". I discovered Aubrey hair products last month, and I am delighted with them! The shampoos and conditioners are completely pure, non-chemical, organic and delicious! "Delicious" meaning, they smell and feel wonderful, and I probably COULD eat them! (I recently read that you shouldn't apply anything to your skin that you wouldn't feel completely safe putting in your mouth and swallowing, because your skin absorbs everything like a sponge.) Next, I'm switching to the all-natural Shaklee laundry detergent. The jury is out on how I'll like that. Also, their Basic H suppposedly takes the place of most every chemically-based cleaner I might need: dish soap, spot remover, floor cleaner, window cleaner, toilet bowl and sink cleaners... I'll make a report here after I give them a fair trial.

I firmly believe that we all need to be VOTING DAILY WITH OUR POCKETBOOKS, and that slogan has justified many of my expenditures that have seemed overly-pricey in the name of "organic" and "going green". But, if I don't heed that slogan, who will? If I don't make strong efforts to change my ignorant habits and wake up to reality, how can I expect that from others? If I don't switch to fuel-efficient cars (we did) and install solar-panels (we did) and rig up grey-water systems (we did) and separate our trash (we do) and compost our left-over produce and leaves so our soil will be free of chemicals and our plants will be well-nourished and happy (we do) and build our house with the careful use of passive solar heating by designing big south-facing windows to save massive amounts of fuel in the winter (we did) reduce and phase out our use of plastic bags, and plastics in general (which are made from oil) (we are) and begin saving up for an all-electric car to eventually replace our Honda that will run absolutely free on the electricity our solar-panels make (we are)... if we don't do these things and much more, who will?
I believe that we need to, all of us, take 100% responsiblity for the problems that our country faces by not pointing fingers, not throwing the first stone, but fixing all of those problems, that contribute to the larger world problems, in our own sphere. It could take a lifetime to do this. But, if each of us did our part in cleaning up our own lives, I can imagine a very different world. And this is the EASY part, just the tip of the iceberg. There are the deeper and more psychological changes to be made. For instance, how are we getting along with our neighbors these days? How about our husbands, wives, children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the Catholics down the street? How about those Muslims on the other side of town? How's that relationship going? So little time, so much to make right. Please help me Lord! Help me remember that this is Your business I am about and always lead me to do the most loving thing.