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Always 30 Years my Senior - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 28th, 2009

07:27 pm - Always 30 Years my Senior

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I can always remember my dad's age, because he is almost exactly 30 years older than me. Today is my dad's birthday, and since I just turned 60, that makes him 90 years old! Wow!
We began celebrations today with me taking him on an excursion. He loves to go LOOK at stuff. So we drove to two different airports that reportedly had gliders. Dad used to fly, tow, and teach gliding during WWII and also in later years during peace times (strictly for recreation). My dad has always had a love affair with airplanes and airports. We also went and walked around the 29 Palms Oasis, which is where he was stationed for a time during the war. We briefly visited the college that Damian and Maya are attending, and then it was time to go home and rest. He likes to take a lot of naps these days. Later, Damian and Maya took him to the movies (Benjamin Button). I didn't go because it was an evening show, and I can't stay awake for evening shows. I need to go to matinees. We will continue to celebrate over the next couple of days, because there is some question as to what day my dad was actually born. He was born at home during a snowstorm in Montana, and he says there was some confusion about the date. We will have a dinner and cake on Friday. Maya has volunteered to be in charge of that. We will see what else he comes up with to do that would be fun. We are humbly grateful for all he has done for us over the years, and now we are happily at his service.


Date:January 29th, 2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
I have to tell you Darlene that this post today brought tears to my eyes. Every family should feel this way about their parents. I've read about your dad on your son's blog and he is a very very interesting character. He reminds me somewhat of my dad. How sweet the way you are honoring him by doing exactly what he wants to do. I hope you take pictures at his official party. Oh, and how interesting that he does not know exactly what day he was born on because of that snow storm. I would love to know how his mom use to explain that...I mean, did she not have a calendar? Or did all the clocks stop for so long that they didn't know what day they were on...tell us more. :)
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Date:January 29th, 2009 05:28 pm (UTC)
I'm assuming this is Jill I'm responding to. I'm afraid my dad's birth date will remain a mystery because my dad honestly doesn't know and anyone else who might is dead. Dad's family is filled with little mysteries like that. I don't think they communicated well. I'm sure if he had had sisters, that sort of information would have gotten passed on as important. By the time I was old enough to have wanted to know these things, my dad's mom and dad were dead. No one to ask. That's why I love and appreciate your passion for recording the histories of your extensive family. What a valuable service you're performing!
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