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Introspective - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 31st, 2009

08:25 am - Introspective

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As my dad has been feeling quiet and introspective these last few days, our celebrating has had that same tone. We had a little party for him last night, and he happily and quietly ate his dinner and cake and smiled a lot, but didn't say much. I think this is a contemplative time for him. A time of reflection. And we honor him in the place that he is by giving him the space, the privacy, and the respect that he deserves. And though we could have arranged one, a loud party with lots of people would have been inappropriate. He woke up this morning with visably more energy. He enthusiastically told me about this newspaper article he read about a pilot and reminiced about his own days as a flight instructor. It is clear that he loved that time of his life. He even taught Steve how to fly 40 years ago, and he remembers that Steve was an excellent student. A natural pilot, he says. I think Dad remembers clearly how to fly a plane, but he couldn't remember where he left his address book this morning, or where he took off his jacket (or even where to look for it), or what day it is. He often doesn't remember people's names, but he remembers in detail many things from his past that are important to him. I hear this is normal for many elderly people. When he gets in a certain frame of mind, though, he just "clicks in" and is as alert and articulate and full of energy as he ever was. He always had the reputation for being the conversational life-of-the-party, and he still commands that position at times. Other times, like last night, he was content to sit and smile and listen.


Date:February 1st, 2009 05:50 am (UTC)
This is the one of the many things I love about you Darlene...you have great respect for young and old alike...you go with their flow, their feelings. I can also tell that you are savoring your dad and these times you have with him.
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