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Every Parent's Job - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 5th, 2009

04:25 pm - Every Parent's Job

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People used to say to me, "You are so patient with your kids" and "You seem to have such a good relationship with your kids" and "You speak very kindly to your kids" and "You seem to enjoy your kids so much!" And I was happy when people appreciated me and my efforts as a parent. But, I think the reason I got all those praises was really due to the actions of our KIDS, not mine. Our kids really did stand out in a crowd. In general, and as a whole, they:

Were comfortable around adults
Looked them in the eye
Listened attentively
Answered politely
Enthusiastically contributed and
Had good attitudes

They weren't angels, but they were, by in large, kids who got involved and were pleasant to be around. And I'm sorry to say that having those qualities made them stand out! To me, those are just qualities that people in general should all have. No big deal. Is it too much to ask that kids be polite and respectful and have a good attitude? I didn't think so. Aside from the fact that those who have good social graces are pleasant to be around, there are very practical reasons to have them. When people like you, they treat you better. They hire you. They choose you to go on the trip, be in the band, get the bonus, receive the scholarship, get the part in the play, be on the team, be the leader, be the PRESIDENT! In short, developing good character and social graces sets a kid up for success in life. Ultimately, isn't aiming our kids toward success every parent's job?