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Another meeting, Another letter... - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 10th, 2006

05:15 pm - Another meeting, Another letter...

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I went to another meeting about Phelps Chevrolet's new parking lot lighting last night. I got all fired up again and came home and wrote another letter to the editor of our paper. I'll see if I can post it below:

I’m feeling fairly confident now, after attending the town meeting tonight, that Mr. Phelps’ “stadium lighting” will finally be corrected in a timely manner. Wading through the meeting toward resolution, though, was pretty painful!
My general recommendation to many of the speakers who pleaded their cases, both pro and con, is, “please take a public speaking class.” (We have a good one at our college.) At the very least, prepare carefully what you are going to say beforehand, speak up, and make sure that what you are saying is true and relevant. Much of what was said, on both sides, was insulting to a smart person’s intelligence and sensibilities.
With a few exceptions, the audience was divided into two factions: a network of prominent local business owners and the rest of us who want to protect our dark night skies. It appeared to be a conflict between making money and preserving our quality of life.
Many references were made to Phelps’ “good character” and how much money he’s putting into the community by doing business here. So, his character and his money are reasons he should be allowed to break ordinances and obscure the view of our night sky? Not in my book.
I thought the oft mentioned comment that “the sky will still be there” after Phelps has come into compliance (so let’s cut him some slack) was extremely disrespectful and dismissive. Those in opposition were attending because they found the glaring lights intolerable even for one day, much less 150 days.
By the way, if I put up a light in my yard, and even one person complained that it was too bright or bothersome, I would say, “oops, so sorry” and immediately remove or modify the light to their satisfaction. That’s my definition of “good character.”

Yeah! It worked!

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