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Blessing in Disguise - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 10th, 2009

08:32 am - Blessing in Disguise

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The way I see it, the crumbling state of the economy is a blessing in disguise. Let the system, as we know it, dissolve and pass away! Here are some good things I see happening: According to the news, taking in and taking care of one's own parents has risen 50% in recent years. That's a huge jump! But, who can afford to have others perform that service these days? Apparently, 50% less people. Also, having a live-in grandparent can eliminate the need for childcare. A win-win situation. (In our case, having Grandpa Bob living with us when our kids were little just meant one more caring adult to whom the kids could turn.) I hear that people are actually saving money now. In addition, people are driving less. There are noticably less cars on the road lately. That means less pollution and less oil to import. Most people cannot buy a home these days due to the ridiculously inflated housing prices. No one can get loans because the bankers and other money-handlers have MIS-handled our money and people have fallen for the idea that it's ok to live on credit. All of this has to stop! A depression is not some horrible state that is the result of bad luck! A depression is the result of lots and lots of people making a lifestyle of doing THE WRONG THING. A depression is a good thing, because it FORCES people to stop doing the wrong thing. Is that so bad? Tightening one's belt builds character. It inspires resourcefulness. If today's economy causes more bicycles on the road, I'll applaud! If lack of funds causes less destruction of our beautiful and fragile desert by out-of-town developers, I'll smile! If we all start growing gardens in order to be able to eat, we'll all be better off. If we don't have the money for entertainment anymore, we can always go outside and throw the baseball around with our kids. Or gaze at the stars. That's free. If we can't afford the expensive toys and unnecessary luxuries that we are buying on credit, we can let them all go and breathe the sigh of relief that is the result of knowing we are doing the right thing. Then we can redirect our attention to the things in life that matter. Like our relationships.


Date:March 11th, 2009 12:08 am (UTC)
Love this. What a writer you are. I think you should submit this to your local newspaper again. I especially love the part about 50% more people taking in their parents. I didn't realize that. This is great news.
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