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Living With Superman - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 11th, 2009

07:19 am - Living With Superman

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I am married to the GREATEST GUY IN THE WORLD! Steve is a person I never want to be without. Ever! In my previous post I nonchalantly write about cutting back on expenses and how relatively easy that would be for me. Like it might even be fun! However, I’m not a single mom working for minimum wage trying to be both breadwinner and parent to her latch-key kids. I’m not a woman who is struggling through this world alone, having to “do it all.” No, I am the lucky woman who is married to “Superman”. I am married to a man who can DO things. I’m married to a man who can FIX things. I am married to a man who has created a career out of his various artistic skills and talents and has supported our family with them for 40 years! If things get tough, HE gets tough. If things get scary, he hides his fear and steps forward bravely. In emergencies, he acts decisively. When it comes to our money, he manages it very carefully and frugally, and yet he is spontaneously open-handed when anyone needs some. When the economy looks grim, I can count on him to take an optimistic view of our financial situation. He always trusts that we will be taken care of. He clearly loves me and treats me gently, considerately, and generously. Whenever I ask if I can have or do something (that would require his input), he invariably says, “YES”. If it’s expensive and I know we can’t afford it, he says, “Hang the expense!”(Just to make sure I know he would if he could.) If he believes we need something, he patiently and resourcefully finds a way to get it. He views the future as something that just gets better and better. Who wouldn’t look ahead with optimism and confidence being married to a man like that? Who wouldn’t want to be teamed up with a player like him? Who wouldn’t feel undaunted by a looming economic depression with a man like him by their side? I tell you I am one lucky woman!


Date:March 12th, 2009 07:35 pm (UTC)
Steve and Scott are a lot a like in that sense. I feel very lucky too.
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