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Gypsy Life - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 28th, 2009

12:35 pm - Gypsy Life

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We will soon be taking a vacation trip to Oregon in a borrowed motor home (THANKS, Robert!) with the express purpose of delivering my dad to my brother’s house. My dad, “Grandpa Bob”, has been looking forward to this trip for months. He’s been somewhat of a “gypsy” for the last 40 years. It’s been important to him to be free to move around at will, so that he could experience all the great things going on everywhere. He usually moved according to the seasons, sort of like the Canadian “snowbirds”. If there was something exciting happening somewhere, or if an interesting project was offered to him, he was there! People have consistently made him welcome by requesting that he come stay with them, rent free, making offers that were hard for him to refuse. “Come teach this class” or “I’m studying such and such. You want to come work on this project with me?” or “I have a group of people who want to meet you” or “Come on down, the weather’s perfect!” He made the rounds regularly to see his grandchildren, sometimes staying a year at a time. As I’ve mentioned before, he was a wonderful asset in the homeschooling of our children. He taught them so many things! He just had such a knack for making himself useful to everyone. If there was work to do, he was up for it!
At 90, my dad doesn’t work anymore, and he has no interest in doing projects. But, he still is up for enjoying life to the fullest of his ability. He enjoys family get-togethers, and he dearly loves to be entertained! But, he’s been here for 6 months, now, and he knows that the one hundred degree weather is just around the corner. He tells me he's ready to go again. He’s looking forward to meeting his first great-grandbaby in Oregon. He will enjoy the many church-related activities that go on in his son’s family’s life. And he especially loves to watch his maturing grandchildren and their many sports events. For a while…
After a month or so of that, my dad will go see his niece in Idaho. I’ve posted before that she runs a unique daycare center in her home, and Dad enjoys hanging out with those children all summer! He truly loves the attention and the energy that young life has to offer. He will stay there until it starts cooling off too much for his warm-weather-loving body. (He likes the temperature to hover in the 80’s, and he moves on when it dips into the cool weather range.) We’ll look forward to his return in the fall.
Whenever I take my dad out, people comment to me about how “cute” he is. It happened again yesterday. People find him charming and enthusiastic and an inspiring picture of what 90 can look like. It’s common for me to hear people tell him, “I hope I look as good as you do when I’m ninety!” We intend to keep moving him around as long as he wishes to do that. As long as he is willing and able, we will assist him in living his cherished “gypsy life”.