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Self-Diagnosis - Livin' the Good Life

Jul. 25th, 2009

11:19 am - Self-Diagnosis

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Egoscue's original book THE EGOSCUE METHOD OF HEALTH THROUGH MOTION is good at helping a person self-diagnose. I appreciate that, of course, and I went right to work on my evaluation. Here's how it works: First, wear few enough clothes so you can clearly see your whole body in a full-length mirror. Stand in a comfortable stance. Look at your feet. Do they point straight ahead or do they splay outward even the tiniest bit? Look at the knees. Do the kneecaps point straight ahead or does one or both tip inward or outward? Look at your hips. Is one hip bone higher than the other? (That was a little harder for me to determine. He suggests having someone mark the highest point of each hipbone on the mirror with a marker. Then "connect the dots" with masking tape.) Now the shoulders. Are they level with each other or does one sag down a bit? Now turn to the side. You'll need someone else to help with this. Are your knee caps lined up directly over the the front of your ankles? Hips directly over the knees? Shoulders directly over the hips? Do your shoulders slope forward or are they in line with the rest of the body? Are your arms "ahead" of your body with your hanging hands touching the front of your thighs? Are the back of your hands toward the mirror? How about your head? Does it jut forward? Or is it centered over your body? Now, have someone look to see it your shoulders are twisted to the right or left at all. Same with the pelvis. Is your pelvis tipped forward or backwards, causing a sway back or a flat lower back? Are your legs (and feet) in line with each other from the side view or is one ahead of the other? All of these observations add up to "function" or "dysfunction" according to Egoscue. If there is dysfunction you have pain. If your framework is in perfect alignment, you have no pain. Simple as that. He has exercises, that are mostly stretches, to correct each dysfunction. I find this all so fascinating. I'll be the guina pig and do the program. I'll report on what happens on this blog.