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Following Footprints - Livin' the Good Life

Aug. 21st, 2009

04:23 pm - Following Footprints

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So I am out for my morning walk today, pacing along at a good clip, when I remember my everted feet. I stop, turn, and focus on my now backward footprints. There's that duck walk again! I begin retracing my steps, only this time I make an effort to point my feet straight ahead. Wow, that's hard! It feels like I'm walking pigeon-toed, but I'm not. My feet are pointing straight ahead and so are my footprints. It takes real muscular effort to straighten my feet, and it's slightly uncomfortable. "This can't be natural", I'm thinking. As I'm striding along, glancing down from time to time, I am startled by another pair of smaller, narrower footprints going my way that are without a doubt pointing STRAIGHT AHEAD. No eversion. I keep watching to see if they continue to point in this now much-coveted way, and they do! Who do these footprints belong to?? I want to find this person and look at their posture. I follow the prints down past our driveway and into the neighbor's driveway. Hey, it can't be him! He couldn't have that small of feet... or could he? He couldn't have that narrow of feet, either. They look like women's shoes by the shape of them. Besides, as I remember him (I don't see him very often) he's a little stooped. But, he lives alone. Could it be the prints of a visitor? I begin plotting how I will stop and inspect his footprints next time I see him walking. I know he walks to church. I'm both intrigued and frustrated by the mystery of this. I want to know NOW. I want to see what, according to Egoscue, a normally-functioning leg and hip looks like when it's walking. But, most of all, I want to make footprints that look like that.