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Slouching - Livin' the Good Life

Aug. 25th, 2009

07:39 pm - Slouching

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One thing that this Egoscue Method has done for me, like it or not, is that I am no longer comfortable slouching at the computer. I'm using a straight-backed wooden desk chair for the computer now, and when I sit down, I sit upright. Interestingly enough, that used to be uncomfortable for me. Now it feels better than relaxing into my old upholstered computer chair. The good thing about it is that I can't sit for hours on end anymore. I have to get up after a short time, and that is what I'm supposed to do. At least every half hour I'm to get up and walk around and stretch. Lately, I just rotate my activities by multi-tasking. I'm washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, and straightening up rooms in between computer sessions of a half hour or less. It's been working pretty well. And Steve has commented on my improved posture, so it must be doing something.
This is such a compelling experiment, and I'm likin' it! I'm enjoying all the hours of learning about anatomy and what a functional body looks and feels like. I look forward to doing the unusual new stretches and muscle contractions every day. They really change how my body feels and how my muscles seem to work. I particularly notice a difference in my hips and how my legs feel when I walk. It's subtle, but I really believe there is a change going on. I'll keep reporting on it as I go along.