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It's Working! - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 11th, 2009

08:25 pm - It's Working!

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I've been putting off reporting on my progress with the PAIN FREE book, as I wanted to be sure of the results. But, I have to say at this point that every day I see my posture improving. There's no doubt about it. Where my feet used to splay out in a standing position, they now face more or less straight ahead. My left shoulder is less elevated and my head doesn't tip toward it. When I make an attempt to stand up straight, I notice that, from a profile view, my chin is now over my upper chest where it's supposed to be. Before it was considerably jutted forward. A big improvement. When I lie on my back, with my legs up on a bench (one of the regular exercises) the small of my back quickly relaxes into the floor. Another improvement. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting there. What needs to happen is that the back of my shoulders need to touch the floor when I'm lying on my back. When I stand against the wall, my left shoulder needs to be as close to the wall as my right shoulder. My shoulders need to look perfectly level with each other and perfectly in line from the side view. My neck needs to be free of stiffness when turning from side to side. And my chin needs to be always in line with my chest. My shoulders need to be lined up over my hips, knees and ankles. (I tend to lean forward so my shoulders are over the balls of my feet. It's really odd looking. Like I'm going to fall over!) My pelvis needs to be level instead of tipped forward... Yes, there's lots of work to do, but I'm feeling confident that if I am faithful to my exercises, I really will have excellent posture at the end of all this. And the guy says that excellent posture goes along with excellent health. He goes as far as to say that most all pain is from the misalignment of the muscular/skeletal system. He makes a good case for it. At any rate, I'll settle for excellent posture. And I won't be surprised if some of my aches and pains subside as my frame lines itself up... because it's already happening.