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Another Day, Another Tea Party - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 13th, 2009

05:22 pm - Another Day, Another Tea Party

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I invited eight little girls over for a tea party yesterday. I had sent out invitations using homemade envelopes that had adorable pictures of little girls from catalogs on them. One mom told me her daughter took the invitation to bed with her at night because she like it so much! The day before, I set the table to see if I had everything. Here it is:
tea party 048

The next morning I got up and made heart-shaped tea sandwiches with cream cheese and strawberry jam:
tea party 058

I set up a station where each little girl could wash her own plate and cup after she ate:
tea party 059

In the invitation, I had instructed the girls to "dress up!" I had to smile as the girls arrived in their "fanciest" clothes. We had fairies and princesses galore! They wore various kinds of footwear, from ballet slippers to "high" heels that were too big for them, and all kinds of innovative accessories. They were still feeling a little bashful as we lined them up for a photo:
tea party 063

After some initial free play, I took the kids back to my bedroom for a puppet show. Once again Robbie was the star of the show and I was his mother. The title of the show was "Robbie Practises His Manners". Basically the story is that Robbie won't share his new ball with his friend Sammy and they get in a fight. Robbie, feeling bad about it, goes to get some consolation from his mother. We have a tea party to calm him down and get his mind off it for a while. Mother works with Robbie on saying "please" and "thank you" when he's being served. She tells him that it makes people feel good when you use your manners, and then they treat you better as well. After that, we play a relaxing game. At this point Robbie is ready to tackle his problem with Sammy. He decides to use his manners again and tell Sammy he's sorry, and he decides to share his ball by rolling to back and forth with Sammy. It all turns out well in the end, of course:
tea party 068

Then it was time for the real tea party! I had each girl practise her manners as she was served tea, and they did very well. They all remembered their "pleases" and "thank yous" and were rewarded with tea, sandwiches, strawberries, grapes, almonds and raisins.
tea party 077

Afterwards, they carefully washed their dishes. I was not surprised at how much they seemed to enjoy this activity!
tea party 080

When they were finished cleaning up, we played games in the living room. (The same games, by the way, that Robbie had played with his mother in the puppet show. Fancy that!) I borrowed an idea from my friend Jeannie's blog to sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat while swinging a child in a long piece of fabric. The girls loved it!
tea party 089

In my next post I will attempt to get some video clips that Maya took of the party.


Date:September 14th, 2009 04:04 am (UTC)
Oh I so love this post! What a clever idea to have a cleaning station set up for the girls. Of course they would love that, why did I not think of that before... And what a great idea to have the same activities that were done in the puppet show. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the video Maya took!

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