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Look What I Got! - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 22nd, 2009

03:09 pm - Look What I Got!

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darlene's kitten

Here's the story. I lost my "kitten" about a year ago to old age, (check out the story on June 2nd 2008) and Gilmore, our newer cat misses her. Not that they were friendly or anything. She would have nothing to do with him. But, she did allow him to follow her around. And that is exactly what he did. As long as he didn't get within a foot or so of her, she seemed perfectly happy to have him trailing along after her on her adventures. When she died, he seemed a little lost. It took me this long to warm up to the idea of another cat. It's SOOOO sad when they die! I think what made me turn the corner was that we have a stray female cat who steals into the laundry room every night through the cat door and eats Gilmore's food. We wouldn't mind so much if she was nice to Gilmore. But, no, she hisses and fights with him! (No appreciation whatsoever for letting her share his bowl.) So, I said to Steve, who was ready to adopt her, "We already had a cat who didn't like Gilmore. Why would we want another one?" He reluctantly agreed. So, I started visiting the local animal shelter and hanging out in the cat room. I'd sit quietly and just observe the cats interacting with each other. Here's what I was looking for: 1. a young male, because I think Gilmore is intimidating to females, and a young cat would be more adaptable to Gilmore's personality 2. a very friendly cat, because Gilmore is very friendly, and I find I like him better than most cats. You know: aloof, hands-off-please-unless-it's-my-idea and don't-even-think-about-picking-me-up kind of cats. 3. I wanted a cat who was not the least bit afraid of other cats, because I thought Gilmore might give him a hard time at first, being that he's been top-cat now for so long. 4. And I wanted a cat who wants to hang around with another cat. You know, to have a pal like Gilmore. 5. I wanted a good mouser. 6. An active, playful cat.

Well, I found him the second time I visited. I had seen him in a cage with his sibling on my first visit, but they were just sleeping affectionately together, and I passed them by. The second time he was in the "cat room" loose with the other cats because his sibling had been adopted. The lady there was trying to sell me on a big, beautiful black male cat, but he didn't seem like a good fit for us. Not active or friendly enough. But, this grey, half-grown kitten kept coming up to me, purring loudly, rubbing on me, and getting in my lap. He would go up to the other cats and rub on them, too! My goodness, I'd never seen anything like it! I threw a catnip mouse, and like lightning, he raced after it, pouncing on it. Then he carried it around in his mouth for a while. Better and better! I liked this cat! A vet once told me that grey cats have the best personalities. I wondered what a cat's color had to do with it. But, our last grey cat, Bulky, did have a stellar personality. So, I told the lady I wanted to adopt the grey kitten, his appointment to be altered was made, and I went home with a smile on my face.

I have not been disappointed. This kitten is so affectionate! I was having a hard time writing this post because he kept jumping into my lap, rubbing and purring. But, he finally took "no" for an answer, and went to lay down. We are in the process of introducing the two cats to each other. We're told it's to be done very slowly, letting Gilmore get used to the kitten's scent in his territory before throwing them together. Consequently, the kitten is living in my office for the time being. I let them peek at each other by cracking the door open a bit so they can glimpse each other and play a bit of footsie. I believe they are going to be friends. I still have to capture the stray cat and take her to the humane society. It's not an easy job because she is quite wary. She needs to be spayed soon, as she's just the age to start producing litters. These days my mind is busy with cat concerns. And at night my dreams are filled with... you guessed it... cats.
Here is the kitten (no name yet... that's Steve's job) gnawing on Maya's hand. He's definitely teething. But, he chews v-e-r-y gently, and it doesn't hurt at all. He's SO sweet!
kitten biting


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Date:September 23rd, 2009 02:26 am (UTC)
i don't know who's cuter; you or the kitten!
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Date:September 23rd, 2009 05:24 am (UTC)


Grey cats rule!
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Date:September 23rd, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
Cats teeth? I never knew that. Guess I thought they were just born with teeth. I've never heard that about gray cats but come to think of it, all of our cats have been gray. Oh except for Whiskers back in the 80s...he was orange and I didn't like him as well. He was too clingy.

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