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Scored! - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 2nd, 2009

07:03 am - Scored!

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I have got the best kitten in the world! This cat has all the qualities I love in a cat and none of the qualities I don't like. Amazing. Here's what he's like:

He snuggles with me

He purrs loudly and consistantly

He rubs his face on my face (yes, I like this!)

He is not afraid. (I ran the vacumn right next to him and he just sat there and looked at it curiously) I've NEVER had a cat that wasn't afraid of the vacumn cleaner!

He's smart. He learned what "no" meant very fast. And then he remembers.

He likes Gilmore, even though Gilmore hisses at him. He persists in trying to be friends, and I think it's working.

He's really cute!!

He follows me around like a puppy.

He has a very soft little meow and doesn't meow often.

He's not obsessive about food.

He's just a very well-adjusted cat. He seems to have NO neurotic behavior.

I believe he is grateful to be rescued from the animal shelter.

I feel lucky!