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Lucky Day - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 8th, 2009

08:07 pm - Lucky Day

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Maya and I had a fun-filled day at Oak Glen today. The leaves were turning red and yellow, the air was warm but crisp at the 5,500 foot elevation, and there was a festive mood all around us. There were live bands playing bluegrass and Americana music. In the shops we found yummy samples of preserves, apples slices and fresh ciders, flavorful cheeses, and FUDGE! Pumpkins everywhere. The sumptuous smell of newly-baked apple pies came wafting out the doors of every bakery as we passed by ..... Mmmmmm.....

We really had a very lucky day. We were able to get 40 pounds of less-than-perfect cooking apples for twenty dollars! Do the math... that's 50 cents a pound! I believe we will both be having heavenly smells wafting from our own kitchens soon, and in my case, tomorrow!
We also found a beautiful, super-soft alpaca sweater that was hand-knitted in Peru, and it was exactly right for Maya. A lucky find. Here she is modeling it for us. Isn't she cute?
tea party 012

We also saw an unobtrusive sign that said "Buffalo meat for sale". We took a chance and followed the driveway up a hill to the garage of a very fancy house. The husband and wife who came out to greet us were sweet and delightful! They were so enthusiastic about their local, grassfed buffalos, proudly showing us their freezers full of every kind of cut and at very reasonable prices! We bought some on the spot and felt lucky.

Then Maya and I had a picnic lunch at my favorite park in Oak Glen. Maya had planned and prepared the meal for us, which was such a treat for me because I'm not too fond of the restaurant fare in the area. Maya made a simple meal that was both delicious and healthy, and once again, we felt lucky. The menu was: Forbidden Rice Salad, green beans and savory muffins. It was so scrumptous! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
picnic lunch

And here is the setting for that wonderful lunch. It's one of my favorite places on earth:
park setting

We stopped and played on the playground outside the old schoolhouse/museum and I made the aquaintance of some very old oak trees. Man, I love old trees!
me on playground

maya on playground

me and the tree

I've always avoided Oak Glen on the weekends because it's been reputed to be too crowded, but the extra-festive atmosphere seemed to make up for the crowds, and I actually enjoyed it more than ever. It helped to have an amiable companion like Maya who had a very similar idea of how to have a good time. I think we enjoyed feeling lucky together.


Date:November 9th, 2009 02:21 pm (UTC)
With both your entries I feel like I was there with you. Oh, how I would love that! The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. It's quite different here in a dark, rainy Berlin-although I'm very happy to be here as well. Willow
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