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Only in Southern California - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 10th, 2009

04:27 pm - Only in Southern California

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Here I am preparing for our annual celebration of Martinmas this coming Sunday, where we spend the evening sitting around a campfire wearing coats and scarves while eating hot soup, and we're having a heat wave! Today is November 10th, and it got up to 89 degrees! No telling what the weekend will bring, but this IS a lot better than "cold and windy". Wind cancels campfires.
Here's a picture of my back yard this afternoon. The little lavender daisies are called, Michaelmas Daisies. They are always in bloom during our celebration, though no one ever notices them in the dark:
tea party 001
I imagine that in colder climates these daisies are blooming during Michaelmas, which is on Sept. 29th, but our warm climate delays their blooming. So, I just like to call them "Martinmas Daisies".