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New Lanterns for Martinmas - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 12th, 2009

08:26 am - New Lanterns for Martinmas

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Maya and I decided to make a new kind of lantern for Martinmas this year. We made tissue paper lanterns out of paper mache. To make one, first blow up a balloon and set it in a jar or something to hold it firmly while you work on it, then cover the balloon with one inch strips of tissue paper wetted with a white glue/water mixture (2-1). I used two layers, and I was glad I did, because the lantern would have been too thin and fragile with just one layer. It was tricky to get the strips of tissue paper on the balloon without them folding or tearing. It's pretty delicate work, and I think it would be a good project to do with an older child. Preschoolers would probably find it too challenging. And it's definitely a sticky mess, so be prepared with lots of newspapers to protect the table and water to wash hands frequently. Here are our lanterns drying
tea party 001

I let them dry overnight. In the morning, I popped the balloon, and carefully peeled it away from the inside of the paper mache, which was now stiff, but still a bit delicate. I trimmed the opening, punched two holes to insert a soft (electrical) wire "handle" to carry the lantern. And voila! It was done. I think it will be beautiful with a candle (depending on the wind conditions) or a light stick in it during our Martinmas lantern procession on Sunday evening!
tea party 002


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