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Our First Group Advent Celebration... Waldorf Style - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 7th, 2009

05:56 pm - Our First Group Advent Celebration... Waldorf Style

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Last night we had an event at our house that turned out even better than I expected. I'm really glad, too, because I put a LOT of work into it! We celebrated Advent with the portion of my moms' group that leans toward Waldorf education. My friend Jeannie, and her friend Sierra, and all their kids came up from Orange County for the celebration. I didn't take photos during the event because I wanted to fully participate and not be annoyingly snapping pictures during the best parts which are supposed to be quiet, peaceful, and reverant. But, I did take a picture of the advent candles on the table before everyone arrived. I cored these apples and stuck candles in them:
solar panels and advent 013

In our living room, I set up an "Advent spiral" with greenery that winds around to a center point where there is a large, lighted candle on a stand. The children and their parents "walk the spiral", one by one, carrying their apple candles. When they reach the central candle, they light their candle, then turn around and walk back the way they came, finding a golden star that has been placed along the path to set their lit candle on. All this goes on while we hum "Silent Night". Here's what the spiral looked like before anyone arrived.
solar panels and advent 012

In the bedroom I set the stage for the puppet show. The purpose of the show was to explain to the children what they were going to be doing and why. I made a little miniature spiral with real tiny apples and birthday candles and small stars for them to be placed on. In the puppet show, I would go through the whole process with Robbie, including singing the Christmas songs "Come Every Angel" and "Gloria!". Here's how it looked beforehand:
solar panels and advent 018

The order of the events went like this: First everyone came in by a side door so they wouldn't see the beautiful spiral laid out on the living room floor. (It was a surprise!) We all gathered around the table, lit two advent candles, sang an advent candle song, said a blessing and had a meal together. I had the children break and pass the bread and chili. Then we went in for the puppet show. After that, I handed out these apple candles and we sang the songs that Robbie sang:
solar panels and advent 015

Then we all gathered in the living room to begin our advent spiral walk. There was a hush as we each waited our turn, humming, and each child was carefully watched, and in some cases guided, when lighting and placing their candles on the floor. When all the candles were lit and set along the spiral path, we sat quietly around the gorgeous scene, just drinking it all in. The idea was to symbolize lighting the way for the Christ Child. Then we sang "Gloria!" and I announced: "A light shines in the darkness. The Christmas Child is on His way!"
Then everyone gradually, reluctantly, and peacefully got up and left. Very sweet!
Here is a picture of the beautiful scene we enjoyed just after they all had filed out. I didn't want to blow the candles out!!
solar panels and advent 024


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Date:December 12th, 2009 01:01 am (UTC)
Someone asked me why I only had 4 advent candles instead of the traditional 5. I always thought that the fifth candle would be better brought out and lit on Christmas morning when Jesus was born. That made more sense to me. But, I'm a non-conformist, and I like to make up my own rules.
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