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My Opinion, For the Record - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 15th, 2010

09:25 am - My Opinion, For the Record

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Today is President’s Day and it’s got me in a contemplative mood. So many of my friends and family are politically conservative, and they have been having a field day being outraged with President Obama ever since he took office. The fact is, he has simply been doggedly and passionately attempting to make the big changes he promised during his campaign. Does that come as a surprise from a man of his word?

How do I feel about Obama one year later? I am still smiling! Yes, I am. I believe he is the man I thought he was. He’s the kind of guy whose team I want to be on. Every time I hear him speak, I invariably walk away thinking, “That’s my president! Yay!”

But, I AM disappointed. I’m disappointed that he has been unable to get Congress to sufficiently back him. He has tremendous public support, but not enough support in the government-sector. He is not a king, after all. He needs to be backed by the rest of the government because we live in a Democracy. (And that’s a good thing.) It remains to be seen whether he will be an effective president given the powerful conservative opposition that blocks him at every turn.

As I’ve said before, I am not a liberal. I consider myself a radical in every way. Were it up to public vote, I would have to vote against some of Obama’s liberal plans, and I knew that from the beginning. What I love about Obama, though, is that he, too, is radical. He has big radical ideas for change and, despite strong opposition, he’s not afraid to say so. He speaks clearly and intelligently, and I understand what he’s saying. He obviously has a huge heart for service, and he works tirelessly toward fulfilling his promises to the country. I never feel like I’m being lied to or led on. I did NOT feel that way about our last president. Our last president was an extreme embarrassment to me. Whenever I listened to him speak, my intelligence was insulted. Questions would rise up in me about his truthfulness and his character. Consequently, I often felt like hiding my head in shame for our country. I’m not being dramatic here. I really felt that way. If a Republican gets voted in next election, I hope to high heaven that we don’t get another embarrassing leader. That would be SO painful after Obama. In my opinion, Obama has set a high standard for excellence as a leader and a figurehead.

When I hear the negative conservative view of the current administration broadcasted on the media or among my conservative friends, I cringe. The two camps are SO sadly separated and out of touch with each other! For instance, because the current conservatives listen to different TV and radio stations (like Rush and Fox News) than their liberal counterparts, they are hearing completely different slants on every political topic. The conservatives remain blissfully unaware of the fact that half of this country strongly disagrees with them and that the liberals were passionately and vehemently declaring the exact same things about Bush’s administration that conservatives are now declaring about Obama’s: that the government was incredibly corrupt and evil and that our country was going to hell. And that’s the truth because I was listening to both sides. (Were you?)
Really, really weird.
This is just another reason I dislike politics. I do not like feeling separated from my fellow man. The fact is, my many wonderful and treasured conservative friends and family members are more important to me than politics. So normally I keep my mouth shut, overlook our differences, and focus on how much I love and care about all these very important people in my life. I hope they will do the same for me.