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A Fun Fantasy - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 22nd, 2010

11:19 am - A Fun Fantasy

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It all began the other day when I noticed a small lizard scurrying by with only half a tail. His remaining stump appeared to be well-healed, though, and suspecting our ever-patroling cats, I was relieved that he looked none the worse for wear. And THEN, I discovered the FAIRY HOSPITAL hidden in a dark, secluded corner just outside our office! I found a “four-bed recovery room” and an aloe vera plant growing next to an “examining table” with a tiny piece of glass sitting on it. I believe the glass is being used to cut pieces of aloe for the treatment of wounds… like the lizard’s stump! And handily, just two feet away, grows a hearty creosote bush that can be used to make curative teas. How surprised I was to realize that all this was going on practically under our noses, and we never guessed! I just had to move a chair, and it was in full view:
fairy signs and hospital 007

I hastily put up signs to warn people entering our backyard, because most people don’t realize that there are fairies about. Fairy lore claims that fairies especially love beautiful, natural places, like our backyard. However, they are extremely shy and will hide whenever humans are present. In fact, fairies NEVER show themselves to humans, and the best we can hope for is to see remnants of their activities. Imagine how lucky I felt when I accidently discovered the hospital!
fairy signs and hospital 001