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May/Mother's Day Celebration - Livin' the Good Life

May. 9th, 2010

10:19 pm - May/Mother's Day Celebration

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The first annual (refreshingly windy) May Day/Mother's Day celebration was heartwarmingly successful! It went off exactly as I'd envisioned, and I felt like my intentions were fulfilled. I wanted the mom's in my circle of friends to be abundantly appreciated and celebrated in a practical way that they could feel. I wanted us all to have fun that included the whole family. I wanted there to be unusual and new things to occupy everyone while they visited and enjoyed each other. And I wanted to do it all outdoors, in a beautiful natural setting. I believe all was accomplished. It's a little hard to be sure because I was so busy that there was no time to sit back and observe. I'll let everyone else be the judge of that. Here are some pictures taken by Maya (THANKS, Maya!) See what you think.
Here is one of the first garland makers.
wanda making garland big

Here are some more enthusiastic garland-makers
more garland makers big

Finished! Don't they look pretty?
sporting garlands big

Happy be-garlanded couple!
thomas and amara big

One of my moms and two of her kids. Sweet!
wilcox girls big

A little flower girl
a little flower girl big

Learning the maypole dance
learning the maypole dance big

My friend and I sharing a funny moment during the wrapping of the maypole. Yes, that's my dad wearing a garland! (He made it himself.) He was a full participant.
amara and me cutting up big

Look how gorgeous this maypole turned out! Great job everybody!
finished maypole big

Finishing touches on the maypole
finishing touches big again

Thanks again to Maya for the following video. These are snippets of the event. The beanbag streamers were a success. We had some problems with the music I brought and it wasn't until the very end, when many of the people were leaving, that we got it going. So, there weren't many of us left to dance to the music that I had made special for the dance. (My only regret.) But, we got a bit of it on the end of this video.


Date:May 12th, 2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
I have to admit that you Dad makes me smile...he is just too cute!
Loved the video where it all came to life for me. What a glorious day!
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