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Fruits of Attachment Parenting - Livin' the Good Life

May. 20th, 2010

08:43 pm - Fruits of Attachment Parenting

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Today I had an enjoyable "play date" with my little friend K, who just turned four. I mainly ended up reading books to her, though I had lots of other plans. She just had a large appetite for being read to, and I have a LOT of great books.
I want to take this opportunity to publicly compliment K's mother on the terrific job she is doing parenting her daughter. K was very open to me, though she's never been here alone before. She seemed ready for whatever I suggested. She was brave. She was confident. She was cooperative. She was smart and articulate. She listened. I kept thinking to myself, "This little girl is getting what she needs from her parents. She's very secure." It's such a pleasure to be around children who are healthy in all ways. I regularly witness her mother giving her children one hundred percent of her loving attention with brilliant and fair solutions to all the little squabbles and troubles that come up all the time. Well, I want her to know that it shows in her kids. The attachment parenting fruits are impressively manifesting in them. Sometimes it's hard to see the fruits when you are the mom in the midst of the hard, relentless work of parenting. But, to an outsider looking in, it's as plain as day.
Here is K trying out the monkey bars and my new "tree walk". It was a cinch for her!
kay on tree walk 002

kay on tree walk 001


Date:May 22nd, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
What a lucky little girl getting to spend the day with Darlene!!
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