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Darlene's Hospital - Livin' the Good Life

Jul. 16th, 2010

09:56 pm - Darlene's Hospital

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To be more accurate, I am naming my home (among other things), "Darlene's Wholistic Hospital". Since I am appalled by hospitals (my personal experience of being a patient in one), I am creating my own idea of an ideal hospital right here in my own home.
Beginning last winter, my dad was my first "full-time patient", though my children experienced some of my initial experiments with wholistic approaches to health problems over the years. Right now, with my dad up north for the time being, I am the focus of my experiments. It is quite a luxury to be able to spend this much time trying out herbs and other supplements, diets, exercise routines, meditation and prayer, various exercise equipment, and heat/water/sun therapies. I feel blessed and very fortunate to have the time and money to experiment to this extent.

My idea of an ideal place to be when one is not well is a setting where someone is making you fresh juices, and organic meals; giving you supplements that address whatever your condition is; using hot packs and baths to get your circulation going; finding exercise that is healing for your condition; giving you regular massages; using accupressure for pain relief and to stimulate healing; using judicious sunbathing to boost your immune system and mood; taking saunas and going on cleansing diets for detoxing, when necessary; creating a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, free from stress, for healing; having a beautiful outdoor area to hang out in and for communing with nature; using the healing power of companionable pets as therapy, being surrounded by cheerfulness, humor, and tender touch, having people around who have a positive conviction about how amazing the human body is and how well it can heal itself, if given the chance. There are no doctors in my hospital. If someone needs a doctor, they have to go elsewhere. Medical doctors definitely have their place! In my world, though, there are many kinds of useful docs, like chiroprators, accupuncturists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and councelors of all kinds, who are my first choices. I will be very happy when MDs start working with alternative medicine doctors, like they do in Canada. When I discover an MD like that, I will be his/her first client. I want a doc who says, "Ok, here are your choices. There's this drug you can take that has these benefits and the following risks. Then this other drug, and these are the risks and benefits. There is a surgery that might help. Here are the risk factors. There are also other things you could try, like...." and you hear a list of many different natural approaches. That's my doctor of the future. I'm waiting patiently for him/her. In the mean time, I'm working to create the best alternative "hospital" I can for myself and my family, using myself as the guinna pig, and I'm really enjoying the process! I can't wait around for the world to catch up with me. I'm going to have to pave the path in my own small way, even if it's just for myself and my loved ones. This is nothing new. I've been on this track for a long time now. I've just stepped it up a notch.


Date:July 17th, 2010 06:27 am (UTC)
I think that is exactly where we are headed, but unfortunately it may still take a few generations to get there. For the most part, Drs are not trained to think beyond drugs and surgery. What really leaves my head spinning is why so many people just aren't concerned with their own individual health care. Most just want a "medical professional" to tell them what to do! ...which is why it will still take a few generations to have the diverse health care you so beautifully described.
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