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As Reality Hit - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 7th, 2010

05:14 pm - As Reality Hit

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When the news finally sank in (and it didn’t take long) that I would soon be a grandma, I kept telling all our family members, “This is so HUGE!” and to myself, “This family will never be the same.” I’m not sure that anyone really got it but me. (Correct me if I’m wrong, guys) THE NEXT GENERATION IS ARRIVING!! And the adult “kids” are about to move over and make room for REAL kids! And the rest of the family does not know how DIFFERENT and pleasurable that will be yet. How could they? They’ve never done this before.
When I became a mom, I realized pretty quickly that my life was “not about me” anymore. (That was sure different from very recently being a teenager with all the accompanying drama and self-centeredness!) And it continued to be “not about me” for about 35 years. It’s hard to explain how satisfying that was. To know in my bones that my life was about something BIGGER than me. That is the spiritual realization that parenting offers.
And now, our sons are about to see how compelling a younger generation, one that they are related to, can be. How important, and worth sacrificing for. It is a blessing. A huge gift. And we are all about to receive it together, and we can be elevated to new heights, and we can go deeper than we’ve ever been. We just need to accept the offering. And that offering will come in such an appealing little package!