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Lovable Nicknames - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 16th, 2010

05:27 pm - Lovable Nicknames

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So, we named our children what we considered to be strong, serious names, and then what did we do? We gave them whimsical, silly nicknames. Almost immediately. And those names stuck!
Nathen was “Nathie”. Then when Ely was old enough to talk, he called him “Cee cee”, which we then called him for a long time.
Ely was “E”. Sometimes Steve called him “Fly”. Or “Ely in the sky” for his daring feats on bikes and skateboards.
Damian was “Damie doo”. Then “Doo”. Then “Dooley”. (Steve still calls him Dooley.)
Gabe was “Gabie”. Then “Gabie Goo”, after Damie doo. Then “Goo” or “The Gooze”.
Ben was “Benamin”. And finally “Bun”.

The thing about our nicknames is that they showed familiarity and affection. It indicated to us, and hopefully to them, how much they were loved when they were little. As they got older and it seemed too undignified to call them by nicknames, we gradually shifted over to their given names. But, when I think of my kids’ nicknames today, I still get a warm feeling and I smile. They continue to evoke affection and pleasant memories.