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Looking for Coyotes - Livin' the Good Life — LiveJournal

Dec. 4th, 2010

08:51 am - Looking for Coyotes

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I just never get tired of the adorable things that children do and say!

We were having a mom’s meeting yesterday at the park, discussing the wonderful book SIMPLICITY PARENTING, and while we talked, a scuffle broke out among the children. Katie’s kids, Kay (4) and Denny (2), were playing with Kianna (3), and little Denny, feeling tired and cranky, just didn’t want to share his ball. Katie, who was becoming weary of arbitrating, suddenly pointed to a nearby hill and exclaimed excitedly, “Oh, I just saw a coyote!! Look!!” The children instantly dropped their squabble and scurried over to the chain link fence at the edge of the park, peering through intently. They were so cute standing there in a row for maybe five minutes patiently scanning the creosote-and-Joshua-tree-covered hillside. Since there actually was no coyote that we were aware of, it wasn’t long before the kids trudged back to tell us that they couldn’t see one. Denny (who is two, remember) said, “I not see a coyote, EVER!” His face was so downcast that we suggested they all look again. “Coyotes like to hide behind things, so look carefully through all the creosote bushes and behind the Joshua trees too”, Katie directed. So, off they went for another try. After a while, Kianna called out to us announcing that she thought she saw a coyote’s nose. Shortly after that, Denny trotted back to report that he didn’t see a coyote’s nose. But, he DID see a coyote’s pants. When questioned what the pants looked like, he thought a moment and said, “Overalls.”
Gotta love kids.


Date:December 4th, 2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
Love it! If I ever see a coyote wearing overalls, I will know it's from Joshua Tree. :)
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