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Gathering Christmas Pictures - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 26th, 2010

04:40 pm - Gathering Christmas Pictures

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I love my family!!
They are all such unique and interesting people. I could listen to them for hours and not get tired of the conversations. I could watch their antics all day and still be laughing and smiling. Our celebrating officially began on Christmas afternoon when Ely and Christina arrived. Dinner was almost ready and everyone pitched in on last-minute preparations:
Christmas doings '10 001

Cutting the turkey:
Christmas doings '10 003

Me enjoying the energy of "the marrieds" in our family during present opening. Aren't they cute?
Christmas doings '10 011

Wondering what we were doing here? It was kind of like a bell choir, only we did it with whistles. Not very good whistles either. Ben is directing us. It was good for a laugh!
Christmas doings '10 013

More to come....