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Egoscue vs Gokhale - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 3rd, 2011

06:33 am - Egoscue vs Gokhale

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So, how are these two posture improvement methods different? There are many ways, actually, but here is what I see as the fundamental difference: Egoscue requires exercises and Gokhale doesn't. Egoscue's exercises are aimed at the origins of pain in your body and in relieving that pain. Once pain relief is attained, you start doing general exercises to perfect and then maintain your new posture. The Egoscue Method is time-consuming. Gokhale's method, on the other hand, takes no time. She just teaches you how to sit, rise, stand, walk, bend over and sleep while maintaining impeccable posture. While I sit at this computer, my body is in good alignment. I'm in the process of "working on" my posture while sitting here typing. When I lie down, I get myself in a position that encourages and supports ideal waking posture. I'm actually improving my posture while I sleep. I love that!
I believe that both methods have merit, and I plan to use them in conjunction with each other in addressing many physical problems I've had. I look forward to this process.