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the "More Later"... - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 12th, 2011

10:20 am - the "More Later"...

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For the second part of my birthday celebration (after the delicious potluck... and I DO mean delicious), I announced that I would give anyone a five minute massage in exchange for same. The massage table was out in the livingroom, and we massaged away while the kids played. Even some of the kids got in the act. Here's Denny contributing a few sweet rubs to my back massage. It really felt good, too! I think he might have a talent for it.
birthday massages 004

While we massaged, the little girls dressed up as princesses.
birthday massages 003

They wanted their massages too!
birthday massages 001

The kids got a princess/prince game organized outside and had a blast!
birthday massages 005

What a satisfying day!

Then, on my actual birthday, Maggie and her brother, Sam, made me a wonderful vegetarian dinner. Yummy! Maya baked me my traditional chocolate birthday cake. And Maggie made me a completely raw pie that was delicious. The crust was made out of ground, raw nuts and the filling was mainly seasoned, ground-up apples.

Thank you, all, for your large efforts to please me. I am well-pleased!


Date:January 14th, 2011 06:13 am (UTC)
I want a birthday like this!
Love the 3 little princesses!!

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