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Wow! He's 92! - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 28th, 2011

10:15 am - Wow! He's 92!

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If you had asked my dad five years ago what he thought he’d be doing at age 92, he probably would have said, “Nothing. I’ll be dead.” He honestly thought he was on his way out in his 80s. He often prefaced his letters to us with, “Well, I’m not going to be around much longer, so I’m going to let the young folks figure this out.” Then, he’d bring up some problem in the world. He really seemed like he was eager to get to the other side and have this life over with. His memory was becoming so poor that he would tell us the same things over and over without seeming to know that we’d heard them before. He apparently had a stroke several years ago which made him seem even more far away and uninterested in this world. When he first arrived here from Colorado, where he’d been contentedly living for about 10 years, and his stroke symptoms were still fresh, we were all quite concerned, thinking, yes indeed, our dad is not long for this world. We better prepare ourselves for the inevitable. But, instead, I took him to a doctor and got all kinds of tests, I got him on a natural health regime based on those tests, and slowly he improved. After a summer with the little kids at my cousin’s in Idaho, he was even better. When he returned here in the fall, we began addressing a few of his other health problems, and he improved even more. Another summer in Idaho, and he was noticeably more alert and chipper. This last fall, our neighbor, Paula, moved back to the area, and she started up yoga classes in her dome. My dad signed up for her classes, and now walks next door each morning and does an hour of yoga with her six days a week! My 92 year old father! Between my dietary care and her exercise classes, my dad is BETTER THAN EVER at 92. He’s remarkably more alert, he remembers more, he’s more interested in things and contributes to conversations with enthusiasm. He moves faster. His balance is better. And he seems to have a greater appreciation for life than he has for a long time. He’s always had a good attitude… a great attitude, in fact. And now he seems so much like his old self!

Here is a picture that Steve took of Dad a month ago when we were taking family portraits. Dad was pleased to have his taken too. He had grown a beard and was not keen on shaving it off. It’s so much easier for him not to shave. We think he looks very distinguished… like a college professor!
portraits 2010 002


Date:January 30th, 2011 07:55 am (UTC)
He does indeed look like a college professor. 92...AMAZING. I recently read a book called, "Healthy at 100"...how not only to live that long, but how to live healthy until then. I imagine you have implemented many of the ideas in this book, for your Dad. I thought of you often as I read it and I'd stop to pause and think to myself, "Yes, Darlene would love this book!"
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