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FAIRY DAY! - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 15th, 2011

02:16 pm - FAIRY DAY!

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The other night, I woke up hearing merry little voices singing in our backyard. I thought I must be dreaming, so I went back to sleep. But, the next morning this is what I discovered outside!
St Patricks Day 017
This is a fairy ring. It's created by fairies dancing in a circle under the moon at night. In the morning, grass magically grows up where they danced.

I was HOPING for this! I've been waiting for signs that the fairies have returned after leaving for warmer places during the winter. Spring is definitely here, and now I know for certain that the fairies are here too. I examined our fountain, and it looked like maybe fairies were washing themselves in it, due to bubbles everywhere. I thought possibly they were washing their clothes, so, on a whim, I hung up a tiny fairy clothesline last night before I went to bed. This is what I found this morning!
St Patricks Day 020
Little flower fairy skirts hanging on the line!
And a fairy raft, as well!
St Patricks Day 021

I also placed some treehouse sleeping platforms in one of the bushes, and there was fairy dust on them this morning, so they must have been used last night! Yay!
St Patricks Day 018

I also made a fairy dining area
St Patricks Day 019

And discovered that a fairy family had already set up a bedroom with a pomagranete shell cradle
St Patricks Day 022

Dressed as a flower fairy (bet you can't guess which one I was!) I waited patiently for the children to arrive. I could hardly wait to share all the exciting things to be found in my backyard!
St Patricks Day 002

Thanks for the "do", Maggie! (and for documenting this event!)
St Patricks Day 003

The wonderful, creative mamas brought some delicious "fairy food" to share
St Patricks Day 010

We gathered our fairy children in a circle, giving them instructions for proper conduct in "fairyland". Be very quiet. No touching fairy things, just look. Plant colorful flowers to attract more fairies. Help the fairies out by planting their favorite food: chia.
St Patricks Day 009

Oh, the wonder of it all!
St Patricks Day 014

So many hidden things to discover!
St Patricks Day 015

A chia garden to plant
St Patricks Day 027

Leaving gifts for the fairies and decorating the fairy ring
St Patricks Day 026

St Patricks Day 032

Planting wheatgrass in baskets to attract fairies, because we know they love grass! (and great as an Easter basket, too)
St Patricks Day 034

Focused little workers
St Patricks Day 035

Fairy lunch break
St Patricks Day 038

Letting off steam after sweet treats, then time to go home.
St Patricks Day 039

Such open, beautiful children. I love them all!
St Patricks Day 041

Goobye for now!