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Shadow Mountain Band- why do I do it? - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 17th, 2011

05:22 pm - Shadow Mountain Band- why do I do it?

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Sometimes I wonder WHY IN THE WORLD am I in this band?? Each person in Shadow Mountain is a top-notch musician with an outstanding voice. I, on the other hand, am neither. I am an aging 62 year old woman with a plain face and a plain voice. In terms of being an entertainer, I am nothing special. My voice is even becoming unreliable as I age, hitting bad notes more and more often. I am lucky, however, in that I have a husband who is the leader of the band and wants me to play with him.
There IS a reason I keep showing up every Saturday night. I've noticed, after years of singing for audiences now, that I do have something to offer people. By this time in my life, I am aware that almost everyone is HURTING. They may not show it, but I know they are. I see my job in the band as primarily to lift people's spirits. I make myself into a channel for positive energy to flow through and buoy people up. I can walk into the club tired and deflated. But the moment I'm on stage, I feel this "opening" inside me. An expansion. I feel flooded with energy. As I get going, I make a point to look everyone in the audience in the eye. Then I smile at them. I can see by their responses that they GET it. They either return the smile, or they brighten a bit. I really experience an energy exchange. It feels like I'm giving people unexpected gifts. And I see that, more often than not, they like it. I move around and dance to the music, and I see other people start to move, too. I bob up and down. They begin to bob up and down, too. I notice certain people repeatedly seeking my eye contact, and I make a point to keep giving it to them. And I smile. It's a pleasant exchange that we are secretly having and enjoying.
So, I actually see my job in the band as an embassador, of sorts. The world needs more love, and this is one way for me to touch a lot of people in a small way. That seems very worthwhile to me. And I get to have fun doing it.